We’re going to take the time to define a few things that seem to be missing in this great new day we have.

There is a need for the explorers, the pioneers, and the natives to come together in this new land of the internet.

The world is flat…our global neighbors are more next door than across the pond. We are just as apt to speak to someone on another continent as to speak to someone in another part of the region in which we live.

We share this globe and we share it mostly via communication by voice, photo, or content; all on the websites of our world.

Our purpose is not to make everyone a native of the internet, but to assure that when explorers, pioneers, and natives come together that we fair better than we did in the Great Western Expansion…explorers were killed off by natives, but eventually the more aggressive pioneers killed off the natives. We need everyone. Let’s start acting like it.

Join us. Live among us. Make us stronger.